Trust Biz Tips - tacos al pastor irving tx Tacos Irving Tx Best Taco to go $0.99 **972.514.1477** Taqueria 103 E 6th St Irving 75060 Tacos al Pastor Menu Comida Tortas Mexican Restaurants Burritos Quesadillas Taqueria Mexican Tacos al Pastor, Fajita Tacos, Chicken best Taco at Irving, TX 75060 Maize tortillas are especially important in Mexican gastronomy, with tacos, golden tacos, flutes, quesadillas, enchiladas, chilaquiles, totopos, etc. Tortillas are eaten hot, always wrapping another food, such as meats, eggs, and various foods. Th Read Moree tacos are usually accompanied by some sauce. Taco, like any other manifestation of culinary culture in Mexico, is directly associated with the ingredients used in each geographical region of Mexico. Mon, 04 Dec 2017 06:06:06 UTC en