Wedding Photography Tips - 20 Tips for Amateur Photographers
Tip 1: Have a list of must-have pictures ready
Tip 2: Scout the location
Tip 3: come prepared
Tip 4: Set expectations in the manner of the couple
Tip 5: Dont miss the small details
Tip 6: Be proactive but dont intrude
Tip 7: Dont begin deleting pictures
Tip 8: Dont be scared to use exchange perspectives
Tip 9: attempt to diffuse light
Tip 10: Use the continuous shooting mode
Tip 11: attempt to use combination cameras and lenses
Tip 12: Shoot in RAW format
Tip 13: Be watchful of the background
Tip 14: Appoint a relations shot controller
Tip 15: keep reminding everyone to smile!
Tip 16: Dont forget to allow care of yourself
Tip 17: Have eyes everywhere
Tip 18: reach your research on the traditions
Tip 19: keep your editing simple
Tip 20: Have fun


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